A-Z Guide (FAQ)

Here is an alphabetical listing of everything you might want to know about Queens Place Emera Centre. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please call us at 902-354-4422 or send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to help you!


For privacy reasons please refrain from using any electronic devices with photo capabilities in the change rooms.  This includes cell phones, tablets, etc.  You are welcome to use these devices in central areas for non-photo purposes.


Wheelchairs: There is 1 wheelchair onsite should you require assistance.


Strollers are permitted at QPEC.


QPEC facility is 100% smoking free. The smoking of any substance inlcuding the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited inside QPEC and violators will be ejected from the building. The designated smoking area is located outdoors on the south side of the building near the bicycle racks and fire exit.


Spectator courtesy is an important element of everyone's enjoyment. We ask that all patrons adhere to the QPEC's Code of Conduct and Courtesy. We are committed to providing a family-oriented, enjoyable and safe experience for everyone visiting our facility.

In the event that your experience is being disrupted by others that are engaging in unacceptable behaviour including:

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Impairment related to alcohol or drug consumption
  • Indecent messages on signs or clothing
  • Smoking of any substance including e-cigarettes
  • Use of compressed gas air horns or other noisemakers, to be used with discretion and in a respectful manner
  • Disruption of the game or event including throwing objects onto the ice or in the stands, or trespassing into restricted areas
  • Fighting, taunting or making threatening remarks or gestures
  • Any other conduct deemed by QPEC staff to be inappropriate to the peace and good order of events or which may adversely affect the safety of persons or property

Please report issues to the nearest QPEC staff member and we will promptly rectify the situation. The above actions may result in ejection from the facility.

You and your property may be subject to inspection upon entry to the facility and the following may cause you to be refused entry:

  • Impairment related to alcohol or drug consumption
  • Possession of alcohol, drugs or items deemed to be weapons
  • Abusive behaviour or language
  • Possession of inappropriately obtained tickets
  • Food items or beverages may not be allowed into the facility.

Patrons should be alert and aware of hockey pucks and other objects that may enter the seating area. Risk of injury is greatly increased by those who are not aware of the play in progress. Patrons cannot interfer with arena users in any way.


QPEC offers skate sharpening service on-site.


QPEC has a limited amount of male and female skates available for use free of charge. Ask at the information desk.


Security Guards are on-site during large events at QPEC. Arena Operator's can also assist patrons with security issues.


For general inquiries please email info@queensplace.ca or call 902-354-4422.


QPEC offers patrons the following public skating options:

Adult Noon Hour Skate (18 years +)
Parent & Tot Skate (Parent & child 5 years and younger)
Public Skate (all ages)

Refer to the tab 'Rates and Programs' then 'Public Skating' for general rules of conduct as well specific rules for the use of strollers, wheelchairs and sledges. 

Occasionally public skating will be cancelled due to arena events.  The public skating schedule can be found at www.queensplace.ca or by calling customer service at 902-354-4422.


Patrons of QPEC are prohibited from entering the arena with the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laser pointers or pens
  • Poles or sticks that have pointed ends
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Spiked or studded jewelry or belts, Wallet chains
  • Roller shoes, inline skates, skate blade attachments and skateboards
  • Video or recording devices

Any other items deemed unacceptable by QPEC staff. Patrons found in possession of a prohibited item will be asked to remove and dispose of the item. Patrons who refuse to comply will be subject to eviction.


QPEC does not have a pro shop on-site.


There are no pay phones at QPEC.


The parking lot at QPEC is located on the north side of the facility. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis, with no in-out privileges. You may access the parking lot from either Queens Place Drive or Old Cobbs Barn Road. There are also a number of parking lots in the area surrounding the QPEC.


Items found before, during or after an event should be taken to the Customer Service desk located in the lobby. Lost and found items are disposed of or donated to an appropriate charity in June and December. To find out about lost items please call customer service at 902-354-4422.


Wireless internet is available to patrons. Users renting the community room, meeting room, and arena are able to connect to the internet through a wired connection.


Skateboards, Heelies, Rollerblades ,Scooters and wheel adapted skate guards for safety and security purposes are not authorized to be used within the facility.


QPEC has a number of helmets available for your use free of charge. Ensure proper sizing before use. See our information desk staff for further details.


44.049217, -64.722151


Canteen/Concession is located in the lobby and provides a variety of food and beverage items. During major events concessions and bar services may operate from the community hall located on the upper concourse.


Patrons with food allergies or medical conditions which require them to bring specific types of food and/or beverage into the QPEC should contact our customer service at 902-354-4422.


The First Aid room is located on the main level inside the arena near the elevator and entrance to the dressing rooms. An AED is located near the First Aid room. If you are in need of medical attention, please call 911 and notify QPEC staff immediately.


All designated fire exits are marked appropriately within the facility.


Patrons entering QPEC may be subject to visual search as well as a bag check. Patrons may refuse inspection and if so, QPEC staff may refuse entry.


Job postings will be advertised in the local newspaper(s) and online at www.queensplace.ca and www.regionofqueens.ca. For general enquiries regarding employment, please email info@queensplace.ca .


There is 1 elevator at QPEC which allow patrons access to the upper concourse, walking track and community room. The elevator is located on the north side of the building near the vending machines, and first aid room.


QPEC recognizes the needs of patrons with disabilities.

Disabled Parking: Parking spaces for patrons with disabilities are located in the QPEC parking lot on the north side of QPEC. Spaces are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Accessible Seating: QPEC has wheelchair accessible seating on the main level and upper concourse for arena events. Please contact customer service at 902-354-4422 for information regarding wheelchair accessible seating.

Wheelchairs: There is 1 wheelchair available onsite should you require assistance.


Queens Place Emera Centre is located at 50 Queens Place Drive.  From Exit 19, turn towards Liverpool and stay on Hwy 8 (Milton Road) until you come to traffic lights.  At the lights, turn left.  Turn left at signs for Queens Place Emera Centre and Best Western.  Queens Place Emera Centre is on the right.



The QPEC Customer Service desk is located in the lobby adjacent to the canteen. Customer Service can assist you with lost persons, lost and found items, seating issues and general questions. Customer Service is open 9:00am – 9:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  During the summer months, the Customer Service Desk closes at 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Customer Service will be open extended hours during large events.


Concession is located in the main lobby and offers a variety of food and beverages. Please note that the concession stand accepts debit/credit cards.  The concession is open during events such as hockey games, concerts and tournaments.


Concerns regarding services at QPEC should be directed to the customer service desk located in the main lobby. QPEC staff will use all reasonable efforts to resolve concerns. If an event has passed and patrons wish to provide feedback or have any questions/concerns, they may submit an email to info@queensplace.ca


Children 2 years old and under do not require a ticket to MOST events at QPEC, provided that they sit on the lap of an adult throughout the entire event. Please note that for certain child-related events, children who have reached their first birthday require a ticket. For information regarding age policy for specific events, please call customer service at 902-354-4422.


Cellular phones are permitted at QPEC, provided they do not interfere with other patron's enjoyment of the event.


Professional video, audio and recording devices are prohibited at QPEC unless consent is given by QPEC staff. Personal use cameras (removable lenses not permitted) are permitted provided that they are still cameras (no video). QPEC reserves the right to examine and prohibit the use of any cameras that it deems unacceptable.


Patrons are more than welcome to bring a pair of binoculars with them to QPEC to enhance their overall experience. QPEC does not rent binoculars.


Bicycles are not permitted inside QPEC. For your convenience, bicycle racks are located around the exterior of QPEC near the north and south entrances.


Banners, flags and signs are permitted at games and events provided:

  • They do not interfere with the event or other patrons enjoyment of the event
  • Cover any advertising or building signage
  • Carry obscene or distasteful messages

Signs larger than 24" x 24" must be able to roll up or fold. Signs cannot be affixed to any part of QPEC. Poles to display banners, flags or signs are not permitted.  QPEC reserves the right to remove any sign deemed to be inappropriate. Individual events have the right to revoke this policy without prior notification.


Baby changing stations can be found in various public washrooms throughout QPEC. Also note the facility is breastfeeding friendly.


Pucks, sticks and other objects will sometimes leave the ice surface and land in the seating area of QPEC. You are urged to be alert and to follow the play and the puck at all times.

Our staff is there to assist you in the event that you are hit, however, if you require immediate assistance, contact any staff member at QPEC and report the incident.


There is an ATM onsite, just inside the South entrance.


Animals are not permitted at QPEC. Exceptions include working dogs (guide, sign and signal) to persons with disabilities. If attending an event with a service animal, please notify customer service prior to the event.


Our Customer Service Desk is open 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday - Friday and 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. During the Summer months, weekend hours are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. You can reach representatives during this time by calling 902-354-4422. The administrative offices are located in the main lobby adjacent to the canteen.


Queens Place Emera Centre, 50 Queens Place Drive, Liverpool, N.S. B0T 1K0


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